JJ Silva Application

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JJ Silva Application

Post by xJJ Silvax24 on Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:37 am

Name: JJ Silva
Nickname: The Icon
Home Town: Lexington Kentucky
Weight/Weight-status): 232lbs Heavywight
Fighting Style: Technical/Fundamental grappler
Show: Meltdown
Pic Base: Bobby Roode
Gimmick: A revolutionist, A anarchist.
Personality: Heel, Very conceded and consistently praises himself about his in ring abilities and all around talent. He tends to look for all weaknesses his opponent has weather it's personal or physical. JJ will do whatever it takes to have his arm raised at the end of the match even if he has to bend the rules a bit.  
Entrance Theme: Long Forgotten Sons by Rise Against
Special Entrance Moments:(optional) Randy Orton Legend Killer Pose(Icon Pose)
Trade Mark Moves: Rebound Power Slam, psych-out lariat, suplex, fireman carry roll, dropkick and any form of a back breaker
Finisher: (only two) Icon Drop(Reverse DDT into pin) Icon Lock(Sharpshooter)
Specialty Match: Steel Cage

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