Eclipse Diemos: Wrath's Psychotic Savior

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Eclipse Diemos: Wrath's Psychotic Savior

Post by Eclipse Diemos on Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:31 am

Name: Eclipse Diemos
Nickname:The Psycho,
Home Town: Prescott, Arizona
Height: 6' 5"
Weight/Weight-status): 245 lb, Light-Heavyweight
Fighting Style: Brawler with a powerhouse mentality
Show: Wrath
Pic Base: Rick Genest
Gimmick: The Psychotic Savior. The One willing to do anything and destroy anyone as long as he can spread his message of pain and torment to the world. Truly only feeling alive when inflicting pain upon others, Eclipse doesn't care what he does or how he does it, as long as he can destroy anyone who gets between him and that pleasure.
Personality: Neutral to a T, Eclipse doesn't care who he attacks or how he attacks them. His methods are refined to a point that he will target the individual for a specific reason, but the end game is always the same. Inflict as much damage on his opponent both physically and mentally.
Entrance Theme: Mr. MTV by Nothing More
Trade Mark Moves: Spinebuster into a a lift up powerbomb (Psycho Combo), Running Clothesline
Finisher: Room 13 (Running Big Boot), Straight Jacket Slam (straight jacket german suplex)
Specialty Match: Devil's Pit Match.

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