Application Set for 2015

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Application Set for 2015

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:05 am

((Copy this application set for when you post in the join thread of your choosing.))
Name: (The name by which your superstar or diva will be referred)
Nickname:(Anything you would like the commentators or other superstars to call you)
Home Town: (self explanatory)
Weight/Weight-status): (Legitimate weight and heavyweight/lightweight/cruiserweight/ etc)
Fighting Style: (technical, highflyer, brawler, etc)
Show: Wrath or Meltdown. If a diva simply put Diamond Division, as you will be both shows.
Pic Base: (pic bases that have taken will be listed in a separate topic)
Gimmick: (Explain the idea behind your gimmick, can be short , can be long)
Personality: (Similar to gimmick how does your character act and think around others and with him or herself)
Entrance Theme:
Special Entrance Moments:(optional) (Pyro, specific way he or she enters, area of entrance)
Trade Mark Moves:
Finisher: (only two)
Specialty Match: (optional)


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